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Basic rules after laser hair removal

How to treat leather
Under the influence of laser radiation, skin tissues lose part of the necessary moisture. Therefore, the skin needs to be moisturized and saturated with the help of nutrients that are part of cosmetic preparations. Care products during this period are better to choose proven ones so as not to provoke allergies. Apply a cream, mousse or gel to the skin several times a day to quickly restore the treated area. As for contraindications after laser hair removal, we do not recommend using products that have alcohol in their composition. Since this element will aggravate the dryness of the skin.

Hair removal tricks
After treatment of the area with a laser beam, it takes several weeks for the hair to completely fall out. Often, several procedures are required for the final effect. During this period of time, you can remove hairs only with a razor. Removing hairs with tweezers, wax, sugar, an electric epilator will disrupt the overall result of the procedure.

Blonde woman having underarm Laser hair removal epilation. Laser treatment in cosmetic salon

Features of the temperature regime
After laser hair removal, damaged skin needs time to recover. In order for the metabolic processes in the subcutaneous tissues to return to normal, it is not recommended to act on the body with high temperatures. They can cause a negative reaction of damaged skin. When taking a shower or bath, make sure that the bathing water is slightly warm or cool.

Interaction with ultraviolet rays
This topic is widely discussed by the public, and of course there are alternative points of view. Of course, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules, being in direct sunlight and visiting a solarium. Since the skin has already received a minimal burn during laser treatment, it is better to protect it from ultraviolet radiation for several weeks. In the future, sunscreen must be applied to the skin to protect against burns.