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Key differences between laser hair removal and photoepilation

Operating principle

If we talk about the difference between photoepilation and laser hair removal, then this is the principle of action. In photoepilators, light sources are IPL lamps, they are also krypton lamps. Modern lasers use light-emitting diodes with adjustable light wavelength. This determines the features of the operation of devices, their principle of operation and the result.

The photoepilator acts on the hair and skin not selectively, but zonally. Its light is scattered evenly within the position of the device’s handpiece, heating not only the hairs, but also the skin. Also, to perform photoepilation, the hair on the treated area is not shaved beforehand, because this is not necessary.

As for laser hair removal, modern LED lasers act pointwise and have a certain wavelength of light, in the range of 700-800 nm. Why is it good? And the fact is that light of this wavelength is perfectly absorbed by melanin. located precisely in the follicles, but has practically no effect on skin cells, providing a very slight stimulating metabolic processes and a rejuvenating effect. So the laser, whatever it is, acts precisely, removing follicles.

Such a nice bonus to the procedure of hair removal, almost painless. And what is very handy, in most cases (with the exception of sensitive areas and sensitive skin), the laser does not require the application of an anesthetic gel. But the hair for laser hair removal must be shaved off. This allows the laser beam to reach the follicles and act exclusively on them, and not on the hairs from the outside. Eliminate, as they say, precisely specific “bulbs” once and for all.

Effect and duration

This is another difference between photoepilation and laser hair removal. Let’s start with photoepilation: laser or photoepilation which is better

Firstly, the course of procedures allows you to get rid of hair for several years. As a rule, it can consist of 8-10 sessions, sometimes more.
Secondly, due to the rather voluminous zone of influence of the device’s maniple, the technique has proven itself well when removing hair on large areas of the body. But, as for small areas, such as between the eyebrows, the upper lip – this hair removal technique is powerless and is not performed. Also, photoepilation is taboo for people with sensitive skin, because the technique is not only somewhat painful and requires the application of an anesthetic, but can also cause irritation and burns.
The cost of a course of photoepilation is more expensive than a laser.

Laser hair removal:

It also allows you to get rid of hair for several years. All this is individual. As a rule, it requires 5-8 sessions to achieve the desired effect.
Due to the point effect, it is suitable for treating large areas of the body, as well as small areas. In most cases, no anesthetic is required.
Depending on the type of laser, the procedure is effective for both dark (diode) and light hair (neodymium).
The cost of a laser hair removal course is cheaper than photoepilation.
Session duration
Due to the size of the handpiece and the principle of operation, a photoepilation session takes less time than a laser.